Information Governance and Advocacy Committee Request

NHIMA Members Input – Your help is needed!

Situation: NHIMA Information Governance and Advocacy Committee is looking for feedback from our members on topics that may be an issue for your organization that can be shared with our Congressional leaders.

Background: AHIMA reviews all topics for discussion with Congressional leaders. Both NHIMA and AHIMA would like to hear about healthcare activities that are going well and/or issues or concerns from each state.

Assessment: NHIMA needs to hear from all HIM members in the various types of healthcare settings to ensure your voice and concerns are heard. AHIMA is asking each Component State Association (CSA) to share reports and information from healthcare facilities in their respective states. Please share those with us as allowed by your organization and know it may be shared on through Legislative channels.

Recommendation: Please complete the brief survey, noting any areas of concern that you believe should be discussed with Nebraska Congressional Leaders. Please note that not all topics brought up may be approved by AHIMA for further discussion.

Click below to complete NHIMA Advocacy Survey.

How we advocate…
AHIMA/NHIMA Advocacy Leaders go the “extra mile” and are advocates that agree to be called on to take action on critical legislative developments. This includes building reciprocal relationships with the offices of members of Congress, acting as a resource on health information. Such relationship building involves taking the initiative to educate members of Congress on what is happening “on the ground” in the state. An Advocacy Leader might send a congressional staffer a recent report on a hospital within their district, or highlight difficulties a local health system is experiencing, especially as it relates to AHIMA priority topics.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon in NHIMA Newsletters! Thank you for your support and participation!


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