Call For NHIMA Board Nominations

The open positions for this election are President-elect, Secretary, First Year Director, and Nominating Committee. The Secretary and Director positions are both two-year commitments and generally require a touch more time involvement; consider carefully and note it’s very rewarding (& appreciated!). All positions help lead the state association and have many opportunities for involvement. This is an exciting time to be an HIM professional, so I hope you will consider having your name placed on the ballot this year.

The deadline for a ballot opportunity is fast approaching, so we will need your response by 02/1/2024. Self-nominations are welcome!

Thanks in advance for your reply and your commitment to making NHIMA a great organization! Please let me know if you have any questions.


The NHIMA Nominating Committee – Gretchen, Theresa, and Amy


Relationship building, collaborating, learning, growing and overall rewarding… just 4 ways I would explain my NHIMA volunteer experience! My time on the board has not only allowed me to grow as a person and give back to NHIMA, but also provides me new exposure to the national AHIMA office and processes.  The CSAs, such as NHIMA, play a key part in growing the health information profession, through providing feedback, expertise and communication back to the AHIMA office to guide the direction of the profession through these vastly changing times in healthcare. The board experience has provided me with CEUs in the form of leadership meetings, including trips to Chicago for our House of Delegates and annual Leadership meetings, which have been virtual during COVID. I got so much out of my experience as NHIMA Board Director. I placed my name on the ballot last year for President and was elected and am now serving as President-Elect!

Lori Richter

I encourage all members to consider submitting a nomination for the NHIMA ballot. Volunteering not only gives you a path to enrich the professional, academic, and even personal lives of your fellow HIM professionals, it also offers tremendous growth opportunities for the individual. You will develop friendships and connections that will carry on through your entire career. As you experience the association tasks and see our industry from a higher systems view, so too will your own day-to-day professional experiences become. Volunteering will also reset your priorities to more of an altruistic servant’s heart. Help us connect all our small yet big HIM worlds. I invite you today to complete a nomination form for a Board position within NHIMA and take one step closer to who you could be tomorrow.

Michelle Perkins

I volunteered to be on the NHIMA Board to network, challenge myself (both professionally and personally) and to give back to a profession and state I love. Since being on the Board, I have been able to collaborate with and get to know some of the most intelligent and inspiring individuals that make up the NHIMA and AHIMA Membership. Along the way, I’ve been able to travel (pre-covid), develop strong leadership skills, and gain more than just colleagues, but a community of lifelong friends. My time on the Board has been so much more than I ever expected! If you’re on the fence about volunteering or not sure if you could do it, I’d encourage you to take the leap of faith and try it! The Board works as a team, and we all support one another. You will get more out of it than you put in.

Jennifer Hoffman