Pre-Recorded Sessions

Up to 10.0 CEUs available in Pre-Recorded webinars

2020 Vision: Insights and Hot Topics to Watch in HIM
Richelle Marting JD, MHSA, RHIA, CPC, CEMC, CPMA, CPC-I

Medicare Conditions of Participation, hospital payor and price transparency, surprise billing are only a few of the rapidly evolving areas of HIM regulations and compliance this year. Gain insight on recent regulatory changes, administrative guidance, and active legislation affecting upcoming implementation guidelines.

CE: 1.0 - Health Law and Compliance
E/M 99202-99215 Codes & Guidelines - Reinvented for 2021
Pam Koch, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P

Hear about the changes to the definitions of E/M codes 99202-99215.

CE: 1.0 - Evolving Topics
Empowering People to Impact Health: 2020 - AHIMA Report to the CSAs
Theresa Eichelmann, RHIA, Director, AHIMA Board of Directors

Make AHIMA’s mission your mantra too. Learn about AHIMA’s 2020-2023 strategic plan and how you can help move the mission forward.

CE: 1.0 - Evolving Topics/Other HIIM Relevant Topics
Eyes on the Chargmaster and Charge Capture
Michelle Ilsley, RHIA, CCS

The presentation will explain what a Chargemaster is and why the Chargemaster matters in a value based payment environment. We will touch on responsibilities for chargemaster maintenance and how to perform a charge-master review, as well as the importance of charge capture and reconciliation.

CE: 1.0 - Revenue Cycle Management
ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS Coding Scenarios
Kay Piper, RHIA, CDIP, CCS

Apply your ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS skills with this hands-on coding practice of short coding scenarios, and a review of applicable guidelines.

CE: 1.0 - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance
ICD-10 Obstetrics Coding
Kay Piper, RHIA, CDIP, CCS

Questions on coding obstetrical encounters? Kay will provide you with the latest guidance, and scenarios to test your skills.

CE: 1.0 - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance
Introduction to I-11
Theresa Rihanek, RHIA, CCS

Theresa will present an overview of ICD-11.

CE: 1.0 - Data Structure, Content and Information Governance
Join the House of HI and Build AHIMA's and Your Future
Valerie Watzlaf, PhD, MPH, RHIA, FAHIMA
Past-President, 2020 AHIMA Board of Directors

AHIMA is building the House of Health Information, in three impact areas. We are leading the charge in access, connection, and integrity. This presentation will provide you with tools to help you build your career, as well as help AHIMA build the House of Information.

CE: 1.0 - Evolving Topics/Other HIIM Relevant Topics
The Attitude of a Champion
Aaron Davis

Aaron equips his audience with tips, tools, and techniques on how to utilize the power of a Champion Attitude to reach your full potential!

CE: 1.0 - Organizational Management and Leadership
Today’s Medicare/Medicaid Fraud Targets
Cristine Miller, CMPE, CHC, CCS-P

Hot buttons for DOJ, OIG, AG, and FBI Fraud Teams in 2020 and compliance suggestions.

CE: 1.0 - Health Law and Compliance