AHIMA Grassroots Advocacy Award

The AHIMA Grassroots Advocacy Award recognizes the top state or district (relative to Component Association membership numbers) that has exhibited significant grassroots and advocacy engagement on policies areas identified by the AHIMA Advocacy Agenda.

Eligibility: Qualified nominees are states or districts that are committed to advancing the AHIMA mission and vision through involvement in public policy and advocacy grassroots initiatives on behalf of AHIMA. The Grassroots Advocacy Award will be awarded to the top state on a yearly basis at the AHIMA Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC.

Criteria: States gain points throughout the year based upon the actions of AHIMA members residing in that state. Points may be gained by:

  • Demonstrated engagement in AHIMA federal grassroots advocacy initiatives and campaigns as measured by AHIMA staff and legislative grassroots tracking platform.
  • Demonstrated support and championing of key AHIMA advocacy and public policy initiatives at the federal level through participation in the AHIMA annual Advocacy Summit.
  • Participation in AHIMA advocacy and public policy training modules.
  • Attendance at AHIMA advocacy events.
  • Serving as a speaker or author on policy-related topics for AHIMA.
  • Participation in an AHIMA workgroup on policy-related topics.
  • Participation in an AHIMA council or advisory group.
  • Attendance at a congressional meeting or event, including a meeting with congressional staff or member of congress in person or virtually, in Washington DC or in the district; or attendance at a congressional or campaign town hall event.

Final tally of the state points at the end of the year will be evaluated in relation to the state’s number of AHIMA members residing in the state.


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